"Cost effective solutions for our North Queensland customers"

Thomas Steel Fabrication an industry leader in structural steel design and fabrication is pleased to announce a significant capital investment in its manufacturing facility. Recently we invested in state of the art steel fabrication technology.

Conventional methods of steel fabrication have been superseded by today’s new technology. Robotics have reduced operating costs of conventional expensive labour and can be passed on to our end users

This steel fabricator is fast becomming the most innovative, highly engineered, and cost effective solutions for its North Queensland customers including but not limited to Mackay, Mt Isa, Cairns and nearby Bowen. Thomas Steel Fabrication’s Steel Beam Assembler is one of the first of its kind in North Queensland and will revolutionise the industry with significant benefits. The new and innovative Robotic Steel Beam Assembler fundamentally changes the structural steel fabrication process.

The steel beam assemblers compact design consists of 1 robot for assemble, tack weld and finish weld. This system is best utilized for “assembling only” working mode. This steel beam assembly robot welding machine can achieve up to 15.000tons/year to tack and assemble cleats to beams. If welding is required, the SBA compact design achieves up to 8.000 tons / year of fully assembled and welded structural steel beams. Loading and unloading of beams is done by crane.

  • saves time for assembly and welding by 85%
  • solves typical lack of qualified personnel
  • ensures highest precision and continuous quality

The fully automated STEEL BEAM ASSEMBLER constitutes a giant leap in the international production technique. The line allows fitting and welding any type of steel girders with additional parts, such as splice and base plates, joints and stiffeners, etc., without manual intervention. Industrial robots are used and directly controlled from design department to handle all positioning, assembly and welding tasks.

steel fabrication in action, see the process of our new fabricators



 Structural steel automation at the end of the line

We are adapting to the automated assembly and welding technology we are addressing all aspects of structural steel fabricating. Right now the automation is focused on common beam formats, those that hold up the building, not the ornate interest that showcases special shapes. The current focus is on accessory-to-beam welding, not accessory-to-accessory joining.

Some technology developers believe that automated beam assembly can reduce manual layout and welding production times by 85 percent. The consensus among capital equipment builders is that it makes sense to focus on the structural steel fabricating activities that represent a majority of the jobs that a shop performs on a daily basis. That way the detailers and the welders can focus on the more difficult—and ultimately more interesting—work. The robots can handle the more mundane chores. The robot won’t get tired or get bored. The sheet metal fabricating industry has known this for some time. We are changing the structural steel fabricating process right here.